Carrera Project-Mott Children's Health Center

this integrated school model began in 2008-09 with Beecher Community School District's 5th grade students and is following them through until graduation. 116 students are registered and 109 are currently participating on a daily basis. The Carrera Project is an Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Program with a holistic approach. There are seven (7) fundamental components of this project. The focus is to empower personal goals, the desire for a productive future through education, employment, family life, sexuality education, self-expression, lifetime individual sports, mental health, medical and dental services. (Dr. Carrera featured in photo) The goal is to eliminate any barriers that will prohibit children from having a well-rounded experience in their developmental years. An Academic Specialist works with the 5th grade teachers focusing on reading and mathematics. There is an after school program called Academic Station to help with homework assistance. A Mental Health program entitled Power Group that provides an opportunity to help students find their voice. Parents are involved in the Family Life and Sexuality Education component. The Employment component prepares students for the world of work. The Business Club has students create a bank account with an initial $25 dollar deposit. The Self Expression area has expanded the horizons of the students on things that are important to them. Lifetime Individual Sports exposes them to Tennis. The most important is the Medical and Dental component because students that may not have a primary physician, the Mott Children's Health Center provides comprehensive medical and dental care. Monthly parents meetings to educate our parents are ongoing.