Procedure to Ensure Local Control

Procedure to Ensure Site‐Based Decision Making

Activities at the Building‐Level:

Process: Building Principals work with their staff to develop school improvement teams that are representative of all local stakeholders. School Improvement Teams (SITs) work to determine a regular meeting schedule. Teams then review building‐level data to determine student needs and how to best meet them. Buildings are provided budget allocations based on student need and enrollment. SITs make recommendations on how budgets should be allocated and building Principals take these recommendations into account when completing budgets for the upcoming fiscal year. (Please see “Title I, II Part A, 31a Procedures” for more information on how buildings and departments establish their budgets).

Activities at the District‐Level:

Process: (Please see the “Determining Grant Allocations” and “Title I Part A Procedures” for information on how building allocations are determined) The Department of State and Federal Programs ensures site‐based decision making is in place and respected at various stages of the planning and implementation process. This is first done by notifying buildings of their grant allocations. The Director of State and Federal Programs then reviews budgets as they are submitted to ensure budgeted items are reasonable and necessary and will work with buildings in cases where they may need assistance. The Director of State and Federal Programs and/or Superintendent reviews all School Improvement Plan components, including the Program Evaluation Tool, School Systems Review and coming school year’s Professional Development plan. When schools indicated they are having difficulty meeting the stakeholder involvement requirement for their SIT, the Superintendent helps them to determine how they can better improve their recruitment and outreach to parents and community members to ensure local control is more complete. The Superintendent and Director of State and Federal Programs work together to ensure that all items budgeted for are reflective of the school’s needs as identified by its Comprehensive Needs Assessment and SIT and assists buildings in making an revisions that may be necessary based on the review of the School Improvement Plan and building budget.

These procedures are in alignment with our district Board Policy 1230 Responsibilities of Superintendent Policy …

J. work with principals to assure that decisions made at the building level are created by means of a site based, decision making process that includes participation of the school’s administration and staff, parents, students and others in the community.

Procedure to Ensure Site