School-based Health Center

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Have you heard about school-based health centers? Did you know that there are fully comprehensive school-based health centers located within Beecher High School and Dailey Elementary School buildings?

Michigan Medicine RAHS school-based health centers provide a number of physical and mental health services to youth age 21 and under including annual well-visits, sports physicals, immunizations, sick care, comprehensive mental health services, lab testing, nutrition support, resource finding, and more! There are also Vision Care and Dental Care services provided by the RAHS-Mobile Unit which makes on-site visits.

RAHS school-based health centers are open to all youth 21 years old and younger. You do not need to be a registered student at Beecher High School or Dailey Elementary School to receive services. RAHS accepts insured and uninsured patients, regardless of ability to pay. Call RAHS-Beecher (810) 591-9333 to learn more about our physical and mental health services OR to schedule an appointment.

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