Steps For Determination of Grants Allocations

Steps for Determination of Building and District Grant Allocations

1. Comprehensive review of School Data Analysis (SDA) to determine buildings and district level academic needs.

2. Evaluation of previous year’s academic programs.

3. Review and update District Improvement Plan (DIP) and Building Improvement Plans (SIP) based on estimated 90% of previous years grant allocations.

4. Review and update LEA Planning Cycle in MEGS+.

5. Determine use and have building buy in of district level program allocations including staff administration cost.

6. Complete draft building grant budget allocation worksheet based on estimated allocation and number of students.

7. Complete Title I School Selection in MEGS+.

8. MDE release of district grant allocations: Modification to School Selection and building grant budget allocation worksheet .

Additional adjustments to building grant allocations due to:

9. School Selection modifications

10. Grant carry-over allocations