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Family Fun Activities

Friday's are Family Days 
Dailey Elementary created activities for families to do

April 24, 2020 -  Family Movie Time
Pick a nice movie and enjoy it together. To make the evening even more fun, make popcorn 🍿 or special snacks to enjoy during the movie.

May 1, 2020 -  Formal Family Dinner Night
Invite the whole family to a formal dinner. Have each family member get dressed up, decorate the table, and add some candles if you have any on hand. Prepare some of your family’s favorite foods and enjoy a special dinner. Don’t forget the menus! Get creative! Bonaparte! Enjoy!

May 8, 2020 - Family Reading Night
Reading aloud isn't just for little kids. Older kids enjoy this time together, too. Cuddle up on the sofa and read a great story aloud. Let your inner actor out, using different voices and pacing to build tension. The idea is for parents to read to their kids, but if your children have a dramatic streak, offer up the honors to them as well. So grab some good books and start reading. 

May 15, 2020 -  Family Photo Shoot
This activity will combine having fun with creating some special family photos. Get creative with the background, wear different outfits, use several props, and have fun! Have a fun photo shoot with your kids, bring out the camera or your phone. Make sure you allow your kids’ goofy personalities to shine through, let them pick their favorites to print off.

May 22, 2020 - Family Time with Board Games
Simply set up a table in your living room or just play on the floor. If you want to make it feel like a REALLY special family game time, put out a blanket and enjoy! You can add in snacks and small prizes! Let the games begin!  

May 29, 2020 - Family Art Time
Take a break from television for some creative family crafting. Spread newspaper or cardboard over the kitchen table and, voilà, you've got a craft room! Bring out the paint, crayons 🖍, and play dough, and get creative! Let your imaginations soar!

June 5, 2020 - Family Sports 🥎 
Doing something active together can be a good way to bond as a family. Play basketball, soccer, badminton, or simply kick a ball around the yard. You can even just go for a family walk around the neighborhood. Getting active is a good way to get some exercise and it also can get some conversation flowing.

June 12, 2020 - Family Talent Show
Have each family member participate in a talent show and share one of their talents. Even if your family sings off-key or isn’t so “theatrical,” you can still have tons of fun by presenting a family talent show. Kids love to show off their talents and be the center of everyone’s attention. Let them choose an activity, plan it out, and then show it off for the rest of the family.

June 19, 2020 - Sleepy Storytime Campout (Read-A-Thon) 
Set up a tent in the living room or backyard, complete with blankets, sleeping bags, and comfy pillows. Everyone put on their pj’s or lounge-clothes and chills out together reading! Read stories to each other or do some independent reading. Have several sharing moments for family members to share about what they have read.

June 26. 2020 - Children’s  Choice 
🎉 Celebrate your children! Let them come up with how you will spend time today as a family!