Dailey Elementary School Family Newsletter

A Big Congratulations to Our Spelling Bee Winners!

6th Grade: Brooklyn Crosby and Nyairra Banks

5th Grade: Brayelon Joyner and Santino Thames

4th Grade: Alana Black and Hanydiah Morris

These students will compete in the District Spelling at the GISD.

Third grade also got to participate, but do not compete in the District Spelling Bee.:

3rd Grade: Erin Hill and Maya Johnson

This week Monday through Thursday are normal days, but Friday will be an in-person half day 8:15am - 11:25am

Spring Break will start next week March 27-31st. 

Kindergarten sign up for our 2023-24 school year is happening now.

We are always in need of parent volunteers. Please feel free to reach out to Ms. Harris, the Parent Facilitator if you feel the desire to make an impact. dharris@beecherschools.org or call the office and ask for Ms. Harris at 810-591-9357.

This Week’s Happenings:

Monday - Normal Day

Tuesday - Normal Day

Wednesday - Normal Day

Thursday - Normal Day

Friday - ½ In-Person  Day

Our character trait of this month is Courage - Step Up!!


This Week:

Monday -21st Century/Drama

Tuesday - 21st Century/Violin/Sylvan Gaming 

Wednesday - 21st Century/African Dance/Drama

Thursday - 21st Century/Violin

Friday -½ In-person Day 21st Century 11:30am - 3:30pm

Dates to Remember:

March 24- In person ½ Day

March 27-31: Spring Break

Needed: Cafeteria Monitors! For more information come to the office.

After School Dismissal: Please call and make arrangements prior to the end of the day, if you need your child dismissed after 2:55 but before 3:13. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact the office at 810-591-9357