Dailey Elementary School Family Newsletter

The End of the 2nd Quarter and 1st Semester.

As we end the second quarter, students can use these last four days to make sure all classroom work is caught up and verify grades through their teacher. 

We are always in need of parent volunteers. Please feel free to reach out to Ms. Harris, the Parent Facilitator if you feel the desire to make an impact. dharris@beecherschools.org or call the office and ask for Ms. Harris at 810-591-9357.


Five Ways Parents Can Motivate Their Child to Learn

Motivate to read a lot

You can encourage your child to read a lot by keeping your study room filled with newspapers, informative magazines, novels, and storybooks. Set a reading time for the child where you need to accompany him in reading stories and books. Aid your kid to grow a passion for reading at an early age and watch his mind flourish.

Playful learning activities

Parents should give their child playful activities that support various forms of learning styles from visual learning to sequencing, listening and sorting. Learning equipment like blocks will grow your kid’s problem-solving skills and creativity.

Organize assignments

Support your little one in organizing his assignments and study resources so that he can control the study work. If his school work seems too frightening, he will be wasting the whole time in worrying than learning the lessons. You need to ensure that he is not burdened with the work.

Ask about the day

Do not talk about his test scores and grades every time; instead you should ask about the subjects he studied during the class. Ask him to teach you the topics he learned in the classroom today. Describing the instructions in his own words will aid him to remember everything he learned in his class.

Inspire your child to express his/her ideas

Encourage your child to express his view, speak about his emotional state, and make choices. Allow him to pick his favorite sports and foods, and this will help him to boost his confidence. Taking accountability and working independently are significant abilities for school success and parent can help their kid develop these traits by setting practical rules for him. However, you should not be strict about the rules.

This Week:

Monday -No School

Tuesday - 8:30 am Parents as Partners Meeting/21st Century/Violin 

Wednesday - 21st Century/African Dance/Drama 

Thursday - In-Person ½ Day 8:15-11:25 

Friday - In-Person  ½ Day 8:15-11:25

Dates to Remember:

Jan19&20-½ Days

Jan24-Lunch and Learn (Parent Group)

Jan27-Awards Ceremony

Jan28 - Dads and Kids Pizza Event 11:00am-1:00pm Gym

Needed: Cafeteria Monitors! For more information come to the office.

After School Dismissal: Please call and make arrangements prior to the end of the day, if you need your child dismissed after 2:55 but before 3:13. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact the office at 810-591-9357